One Hour of Free Consulting Every Month One Hour of Free Consulting Every Month

If you would like to receive advice in any of the following areas, you have the unique opportunity to get it for free!

Business Ideas
We started our first business in 1998 and have since expanded our business relationship to five different nations. If you have an innovative idea but are not sure how to get it started, it would be our honor to help.

Information Technology
Our 19 years of experience in this area focuses on web development, server administration, video streaming, social media and mobile apps.

Internet Marketing
Maybe you already have a business or website and would like to increase your reach. We can help with strategic marketing decisions, effective online advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Life Decisions
We enjoy helping people discover and accomplish the full potential in their life. Whether it relates to recognizing the dreams and passions of your heart, choosing a suitable path of education, or moving to a different country - it never hurts to get an outside perspective.

There is almost nothing more important in life than the people around us. Healthy relationships are designed to be the source of joy, peace, and excitement.

Dream Interpretation
Intense and recurring dreams can be the key to understanding our purpose in life. Many of us also experience dreams which carry a message of encouragement for others. We would love helping you grow in the interpretation of your own dreams, so you are well equipped to help others.

All you need to do is fill out the application at the bottom of this page. Each month we select one applicant who receives a full hour of consulting for free.

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